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Lisa Taylor Fleming is a Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and a Certified Insurance Appraiser.


Today’s jewelry consumer has become more sophisticated, jewelry has become more costly, and with today’s technology, there are many more treatments and new advancements in synthetics. When once it was enough to declare just color, clarity and weight, there are now far more valid questions to be resolved regarding treatments, synthetics and other grading details. Not to mention the fact that having a third party opinion to confirm the sale is just good business sense.
This is where an independent appraiser comes in. An independent appraiser has no motivation to inflate the price of the appraisal so that it seems that you just received “a great buy”, like you might receive with the appraisal that you get with the jeweler that sold you the piece. They have no vested interest in the outcome of the appraisal since they get paid the same amount whatever the conclusion. They will give an appraisal with a true retail replacement value and detailed description from an unbiased source so you don’t pay unnecessary insurance premiums.

A Graduate Gemologist has received a diploma by G.I.A. for expertise in gemology. This involves grading colored stones and diamonds with a standardized scientific process. G.I.A. has been in the forefront to establish uniform measures, creating the “4 C’s” in 1953, so that there would be a universal language for appraisers to be able to communicate when it comes to describing a diamond. In order to have an accurate appraisal with details that are universally accepted, it is best to use a professional. 

A certified insurance appraiser has had training in appraising for insurance purposes. The most important thing taught is what an insurance agent or broker needs as far as crucial information included in an appraisal that is commonly left out on most appraisals that they receive. This extra training helps in both the accuracy of the description and valuation of the jewelry being appraised. 


The fee for an appraisal should be a flat fee based on the time it takes to do the appraisal. This would depend on the complexity of the piece. The most important part of your appraisal is the description of the piece of jewelry, which takes the Gemologist. But you also need the valuation of the jewelry, which is the job of the Appraiser……. So get the best of both worlds and hire someone with both qualifications.
In conclusion, anyone can write an appraisal. But it is better to get the right professional now and be covered then to find out when misfortune strikes that you are unprepared.


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